Seedling-Real Binoculars
Seedling-Real Binoculars

Seedling-Real Binoculars

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Seedling: Real Binoculars

Real Binoculars ready for adventure.

This Seedling Kit contains:
1 x Kids Binoculars
Suitable for ages 5 & up

Seedling, is a proud New Zealand brand. Seedling encourages the natural process of thinking and doing! Growing basic skills into a passion for creative thinking and problem solving. Our kits are not ‘paint by number’ kit but are designed to encourage kids to seek answers and help from adults, building relationships and communication skills. We supply the materials, but you supply the big ideas! Seedling love the potential in every child to take basic skills & materials and make something extraordinary!

Seedling is a proudly New Zealand Owned and Operated Brand.
Planting Seeds Growing Minds

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