Mandles, the man candle in Tobacco scent
William and Emerson

Mandles, the man candle in Tobacco scent

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These bespoke Mandles by William & Emerson are made using 100% hand mixed and poured soy wax.  The high quality, uniquely blended fragrances are sourced from NZ and overseas and have a strong scent (some call it triple scented). They also use wooden wicks that crackle while burning, for a total sensory experience!  Here's what they have to say about the tobacco scent:

This MANDLE has been handmade with the finest local and imported ingredients. Light it. Stare at it. Listen to the crackle of the wick just like your Granddad-MAN's fireplace. Inhale the base notes of tobacco leaf, sweet honey, cherrywood, cedar and the luxurious hints of leather and vanilla.

The burn time should last well over 40 hours – just enough time to decide which mandle you’ll man up to next.  Proudly NZ made!

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